Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

Skedbee is a platform that can help you plan your day better.

Just like how weather forecaster predicts your daily weather days in advance, Skedbee uses its Task Completion Forecaster machine learning algorithm to forecast the probability of you completing your tasks before it's due date, considering your schedule and preferences.

Just like how GPS can plan your directions taking traffic and road constructions into consideration, Skedbee uses its Auto-Scheduler machine learning algorithm to plan your schedule to complete your tasks.

Start by creating an activity like "Complete presentation skedit tomorrow for 2hr". Skedbee prioritizes your activities using the end date and hours needed to complete and schedules your activity in Calendar.

You can use Skedbee as your guide to plan your day and as your personal journal to take notes or track time spent on activities.

You can either explore and follow activities available in Skedbee or you can create your own activities.

Skedbee's machine learning algorithm uses several data points and will automatically schedule your activities in Calendar based on your availability and preference. It can suggest these activities right when you need them.

We are working on the mobile application. Currently, you can use Skedbee with Google Tasks and Google Calendar to get alerts and check your suggested activities. Please read Google Task and Google Calendar integration with Skedbee.

Skedbee uses its learning to suggest right activities at the right time. Sometimes, Skedbee may also suggest more than one activity at a given hour for the following reasons.

  • Skedbee predicts that you may miss due dates and suggest more than one activity, to help you reschedule other activities.
  • Skedbee makes a smart guess and gives you options to pick an activity. For example, you can go for a bike ride or go for a walk.
  • If activities takes less than an hour to complete, Skedbee schedule these activities in a single hour.

Skedbee is constantly learning from your preferences and schedule. The more you use Skedbee, the better Skedbee understands your preferences. Skedbee can suggest activities at the wrong time due to the following reasons.

  • Skedbee is trying to learn from you by suggesting random activities at random times.
  • Skedbee does not have any knowledge about the activity.
  • Your schedule is very busy that Skedbee unable to find another time slot. In such cases, you will get alerts from Task Completion Forecaster.
  • Your journal entries might have a wrong time. E.g. Instead of AM, its entered as PM.

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When you get wrong suggestions, you can do one of the following

  • Edit activity and change the assigned Schedule Tag (@Tag).
  • Reschedule your activity manually to a different time.
  • Add your preferred hours to Schedule Tag (@Tag).
  • Update activity's completion progress.
  • Update activity's due date.
  • Track activity's time or add daily journal entries and update preferred time.

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All your time logs are available in your Journal. If you forget to start the timer, you can always add it manually from your Journal page. Skedbee will process your journal notes to understand your preferences and use those preferences to plan your calendar activities.

Skedbee Add-on For Google Workspace™

Once you install Skedbee add-on, you are automatically registered with Skedbee. When add-on redirects you to Skedbee webpage and asks you to sign-in, please use the "Sign in with Google" option to sign-in. Please make sure to use your Google account ID that has the add-on installed when you sign-in.

Skedbee add-on tries to connect with Google™ services using Google Developer APIs. Skedbee needs permissions to access read or write using these APIs. Please make sure Skedbee has permissions to Gmail™ and Google Calendar™. You can check your permissions by visiting Google™ Third-party apps with account access.

If Skedbee has all the permissions, please try uninstalling and re-installing the add-on.

You can access the Skedbee add-on from your phone. First, Install Gmail™ phone app. Next, Open any email and scroll down. At the bottom you can see "Available add-ons". Click the Skedbee icon to open the Skedbee add-on.