Skedbee Features

We built features to help you have a balanced life and be in control. Features that can help you work and learn as a team or in a very large group.


Learning is an integral feature that is built within all other features. Skedbee uses a machine learning method called Reinforcement Learning. Learning feature is configurable per activity or tasks and can be disabled anytime. Skedbee gives you full control of your account.

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  Time Tracking

Track all activities in your life. If you know how much time it takes to complete a task, you can plan better. Estimating the time for a task comes by practice. We usually overestimate or underestimate the time it takes to complete a task that's new to us. Skedbee helps by allowing you to track time and get a good estimate on how long an activity took to complete.

Skedbee Time Tracking feature is built for your work related activities like creating invoices or for calculating billable hours for your projects. You can enter your time logs or edit existing logs easily.

Core feature of Skedbee is Time Tracking. When you track time on a task, Skedbee's machine learning agents learn your preferences (when learning is enabled). Based on the time spent so far on an activity or a task, Skedbee can closely estimate how much more time you may need to complete the activity.

  Focused Task Management

Are you tired of having hundreds of items in your todo list and spending time to prioritize and plan each day? Or you don't know where to start? Skedbee helps you to focus on one task at a time. Skedbee can do it by auto-prioritizing each task using sophisticated algorithms.

Out of millions of tasks, Skedbee can suggest to you a handful of tasks you can be working on right now. So, you can easily manage tasks and you can help Skedbee prioritize better by adding more criteria to your suggested tasks like rescheduling, updating it's progress or marking it complete.

Skedbee never lets you miss a due date. Task completion forecasters are built to alert you if you are at risk.

  Schedule Blocking

There are over 50 pre-built schedule blocks already available in Skedbee to schedule everything in your life. You can build your custom schedule blocks like "my piano class hours", "startup discussion hours", "my favourite store hours" and so on..

By default, Skedbee can learn your schedule for each schedule block. You have an option to disable learning and take back control. You can update your day, month or week schedule and Skedbee can use your updated schedule to prioritize and make decisions.

Sharing a schedule block is easy. When you share or assign an activity to others, your custom schedule block associated with that activity is also shared. So, others can re-use the schedule you created and update it to fit their needs.

  Auto-scheduling Tasks

Skedbee schedules your activities in your calendar by default. This helps you plan your day better and complete activities by their due date.

If you are unable to complete an activity as suggested, Skedbee will automatically reprioritize and reschedule the activity to a different time and ensure the activity is complete before it's due.

  Task Completion Forecaster

One of the powerful features in Skedbee is forecasting if you have the time to complete a task before it's due. This will help you to proactively plan ahead and reschedule.

Given your schedule, the learning data models, the number of tasks to complete and the amount of hours each task may take, Skedbee can closely predict the probability of you completing the task before it's due. If the chances are less, you may get an early warning or alert depending on how bad the situation is in the predicted future.


Keep a note on everything you do. Skedbee helps you to take daily notes and logs on what you did, how long you worked or how you accomplished your activities. Your time tracking logs, notes, task completion statuses are recorded in your journal for your reference.

  Manage Documents

You can securely organize all your electronic documents in one place. Skedbee attachment feature helps you attach any documents in any format (like DOCX, PPT, PDF, images, videos, audios and much more) to an activity or your journal notes. Thus, everything is organized in one place for easier access and can be shared with others easily.

  Status Reports

We built reports to give you an overall perspective of how you are progressing with your tasks and how your weeks look like in the future. Skedbee has a number of pre-built reports.

Hours spent report to view hours spent on activities or tasks by day, week, month. This will be helpful to generate invoices or calculate billable hours.

Week overview report to view how busy each week looks like.

Task completion report to view the number of tasks completed each day, week or month.

We are working hard to build more reports to help you consistently evaluate your progress.

  Native Integrations

Native integrations are integrations with your favourite tools that are built by Skedbee. It's fast, easily configurable, simple and saves you money.

Skedbee integrates with Google Tasks, Google Calendar and Slack. We are working hard to build more integration to other apps you love.

Integrations are so simple that you can manage everything from your preferred apps and Skedbee can be the intelligence behind those apps. For example, you can add tasks in Google Tasks, Track time using Slack and view your schedule from Google Calendar and get reminders from Google Tasks or Calendar.

With Two-way sync, Skedbee can both read and write to your favourite apps.

When Skedbee task completion forecaster predicts you may miss a due date, the calendar events are made busy and reminders are set depending on their criticality.

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  Explore Activities Or Build A New Habit

Are you focused on one thing and miss out on experiencing other activities in life? Now, with Skedbee you can explore creative things to do or explore new habits that are shared by others.

If you find an activity interesting and if it helped you, you can help others by sharing it as a tip. You can also explore a number of activities shared by others.

These activities come with information, checklists, tasks, recurring schedule and instructions to give you a clear idea of how, where and when you can do the activity. With all these details, Skedbee will take care of scheduling the activity and let you enjoy completing your activity on time.

  Teams And Groups

Skedbee helps you easily manage a small team or a very large group. It's designed and built for a very large group having 1000 members or more.

Skedbee Groups created by experts are subscription groups. Experts like chefs, instructors, tourist guides, artists and others can create a group and have any number of followers. Experts can use the group feature to help their followers learn or experience new activities. Activities created in this group gets published to all the followers. Group owners have the option to assign proxies to manage their group.

Experts can help others to learn and easily estimate the amount of work needed to complete an activity.

Skedbee Teams is designed for working teams. Here you can assign activities to individual members in the team and visualize the progress.

Friends and relatives are similar to groups but with limited numbers of members. With all the amazing group features, you can share activities related to places you visited or creative projects you worked on and encourage your friends and family to experience those activities.

Any group or team will have the features that will enable members to discuss, broadcast and assign activities to members.

The powerful group feature allows members of the group to share activities, tasks, checklist, instructions with images or videos or anything that helps other members in the group.

  Powerful Schedule Commands

Skedbee can understand natural language calendar scheduling commands.

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  Skedbee APIs For Your Business

Build innovative mobile and web calendar applications using Skedbee APIs. You can use Skedbee's innovative APIs to easily integrate Calendar, Task or Project management features in your existing products and add value for your customers.

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