Why We Built Skedbee?

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people have a balanced life with activities they need to do and activities they would like to do.

With ever changing priorities, commitments, demands and external dependencies that are out of your control, your schedule must easily evolve and adapt to these changes.

Your schedule must easily evolve and adapt to changes

As A Guide

At Skedbee, we believe that we need a sophisticated app that can go beyond personal assumptions when planning for a task or an activity. We usually overestimate or underestimate things we do not know. Every person is different and each one of us have our own way of managing things we wish to do.

Skedbee is designed to learn and integrate with your schedule. It can be your guide to reference things you can be doing at a given time.

As A Platform To Explore

Given the amount of information and tons of things people can do in their time, we need a better platform to share, explore and organize everything considering all external factors into planning with just a single click.

With Skedbee you can explore creative things to do or explore new habits that are shared by others. In a click, you can schedule these activities along with it's information like checklists, tasks, instructions, videos and images.

As A Platform To Share

There is nothing worth more than helping others. Skedbee gives you a platform to share activities and creative ideas that worked for you. For example, you can help your friends and family by suggesting a place to visit that you enjoyed or a creative project you worked on.

Skedbee gives you a perfect platform to share instructions, checklists, tasks and other information in a click. Others can use this information and improve it based on their need.

As A Platform To Learn

Learning is part of human nature. Skedbee provides a platform for experts to share their knowledge with their followers.

Existing platforms are all designed just to share information. Skedbee is focused on both, sharing information and taking action.

You can follow a number of experts and import their activities, tasks, checklists and other information that you are interested in. Skedbee automatically schedules these activities for you and reminds you with the right information at the right time.