Boost Your Productivity Using Learnable Time blocking Technique with Skedbee.


Schedule blocking or Time blocking is a time management method where you break your day in to chunks of time and allocate related tasks. It may take discipline and years of dedicated practice to master this method. In this growing world of changes, your schedule should also evolve. At Skedbee, we have learnable schedule blocks. Yes, Skedbee can learn your schedule.

There are over 50 pre-built schedule blocks already available in Skedbee to schedule everything in your life. You can build your custom schedule blocks like "my piano class hours", "startup discussion hours", "my favourite store hours" and so on..

By default, Skedbee can learn your schedule for each schedule block. You have an option to disable learning and take back control. You can update your day, month or week schedule and Skedbee can use your updated schedule to prioritize and make decisions. This learnable time blocking feature helps you evolve your schedule with ever changing world.

Sharing a schedule block is easy. When you share or assign an activity to others, your custom schedule block associated with that activity is also shared. So, others can re-use the schedule you created and update it to fit their needs.

Skedbee can learn your schedule and automatically block time for you. You have the flexibility to adjust your schedule and all your tasks are instantly prioritized and rescheduled. You will get early alerts if Skedbee finds that the chances of working on a task before it's due is slim given the new schedule. So, you can proactively plan ahead and reschedule.