How Can Skedbee Help?

Skedbee can be your guide to plan your day in calendar. It can adaptively plan and schedule your tasks in calendar based on their priority. It can also help you discover new activities to do and improve your life.

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What can Skedbee do?

Smart & Flexible Time Blocking

Skedbee schedules your activities in your calendar based on their priority. Activities are automatically rescheduled if you can't complete it during the specified time.

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Powerful Time Tracking

Skedbee is built on an intuitive time tracking framework to track all your activities. It can also be used to create invoices and calculate billable hours for your projects.

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Task Completion Forecaster

You get early alerts when Skedbee finds that the chances of completing a task by it's due date is less, given your schedule. You can proactively plan ahead and reschedule.

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Focused Task Management

Skedbee takes care of prioritizing and scheduling tasks in your calendar, so you can focus on one task at a time. Skedbee makes sure you never miss a due date.               

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Explore And Build A New Habit

Skedbee can time block your calendar and make time to build a new habit or for activities you wish to do. Explore activity suggestions shared by others or share your own suggestions.

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Work Or Learn As A Team

You can follow your team and receive activities from others or you can assign activities to your team. Skedbee can automatically import these activities and suggest at the right time.

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Skedbee learns

Skedbee uses machine learning to understand your preferences when you track time on activities. There are over 50+ learnable pre-built schedule blocks in Skedbee.

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Skedbee Schedule Blocking

How Is Skedbee Different?

Skedbee learns and understands your schedule and preferences. Skedbee can prioritize and forecast the right time for your activities in seconds. Skedbee is built for teams and makes sharing activities between a very large group or a small team easy.

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Automatic Schedule Blocking

Skedbee can learn your schedule and automatically block time in your calendar. You have the flexibility to adjust your schedule and Skedbee can instantly prioritize and reschedule your tasks in calendar.

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Skedbee Schedule Blocking
Skedbee Sharing a plan

For Experts And Their Followers - Teams And Groups

Skedbee gives you a powerful platform to work and learn as a team or in a very large group. Experts can share their instructions, ideas, activities and help others to learn and easily estimate the amount of work needed to achieve their goals.

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Explore Activities

Are you focused on one thing and miss out on experiencing other activities in life? Now, with Skedbee you can explore creative things to do that are shared by others.

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Native Integrations and sync with other services.

Connect Skedbee with your favorite tools. Skedbee can both read and write to your favorite applications. Integrations are so simple that you can manage everything from your preferred apps and Skedbee can be the intelligence behind those apps.

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Skedbee Pricing

We have three simple and flexible plans. Our FREE basic plan has everything you need to get started.


$0 / month


  • Time Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Auto-schedule Using Learning
  • Task Completion Forecaster
  • Journal
  • Teams Up-to 10 Members
  • Join Any Teams Or Groups
  • Explore Activities
  • Limited Support
  • Storage Up-to 150MB



  • Everything From Basic Plan
  • Everything From Standard Plan
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Status Reports
  • Large Groups
  • Custom Hosting
  • Storage > 10 GB
  • Personal Professional Support

Skedbee Privacy Policy

We collect very limited information about you. We collect information that is needed for Skedbee to serve you better.

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No Third-party Tracking Cookies

Third-party tracking cookies are commonly used as ways to compile long-term records of individuals. Skedbee will not use third-party tracking cookies. Though, content shared by others, such as image links to external sources or embedded videos may use such cookies.

No Tracking Cookies

Skedbee will not track you on other websites. Skedbee machine learning agents will use the data that you provide in Skedbee to better serve you. We will not track or use data about you collected from third-party sites.

No Sharing Without Your Permission

We will provide APIs for your favorite apps to integrate with us. APIs are secure and will be enabled when you give us permission. You have full control on how your data is shared with other apps. We will not sell your personal information or data.

Why We Built Skedbee?

With ever changing priorities, commitments, demands and external dependencies that are out of your control, your schedule must easily evolve and adapt to these changes. Given the amount of information and tons of things you can do at a given time, we need a better platform to share, explore and organize everything, considering all external factors into planning with just a single click.

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