Native Integrations and sync with other services.


Native integrations are integrations with your favourite tools that are built by Skedbee. It's fast, easily configurable, simple and saves you money.

Skedbee integrates with Google Tasks, Google Calendar and Slack. We are working hard to build more integration to other applications you love.

Integrations are so simple that you can manage everything from your preferred applications and Skedbee with all the learning data, can be the intelligence behind those apps. For example, you can add tasks in Google Tasks, Track time using Slack and view your schedule from Google Calendar and get reminders from Google Tasks or Calendar.

Skedbee can be the intelligence behind your favorite applications.

With Two-way sync, Skedbee can both read and write to your favourite apps.

When skedbee task completion forecaster predicts you may miss a due date, the calendar events are made busy and reminders are set depending on their criticality.

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